Batch File to Check Laptop Power Usage

Note:  the following information is provided for reference purposes only.  Later testing (which should have been included in earlier testing) demonstrated that this batch file worked only from the command prompt, not from shortcut.  At the moment, I did not have time to troubleshoot it.  Moreover, a comment posted below drew my attention to BattStat and Battery Bar as utilities that might serve the same function.  At this writing, I did not have time to compare their features.  My preliminary impression was that the batch file presented below was supposed to provide information that went beyond these other utilities, but I would have to look into that later.

* * * * *

Shown below are the lines that I entered into Notepad and saved as a file called “Check Laptop Power Usage.bat.” Note that the ending “.bat” is important in that filename.

I could have put this batch file and/or a shortcut to it almost anywhere. I put it into the System Information section of my customized Start Menu, where I could sync it automatically across several computers.

Note that my command moves the report to D:\Current. It had to go somewhere to be viewable, but of course my command wouldn’t work if I didn’t have that particular folder.

* * * * *

:: Check Laptop Power Usage.bat

:: Based on advice from,3253,l=255105&a=255105&po=6,00.asp

:: Checks the system for a minute and then displays a report

@echo off
start /wait powercfg -energy
move /y C:\Windows\system32\energy-report.html D:\Current
start D:\Current\energy-report.html

* * * * *


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One Response to Batch File to Check Laptop Power Usage

  1. al nonymous says:

    on the windows side there are freeware apps like battstat and battery bar fwiw. unless youre trying to accomplish something else.

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