Basic Continuous Calendar for Any Year

Sometimes I needed and/or preferred a calendar that would continue date numbers from one month to the next on the same line.  I prepared an Excel spreadsheet that would do this.  Here is how it looked:

Preparing the calendar in Excel made it adaptable.  For instance, I could add columns specifying the week of the year, or the number of days elapsed or remaining.  If desired, I could put the second half of the year on the back side of a sheet of paper, enabling me to expand the print on each side.  Or another year could be put on the back side.

Calendars can be tricky.  I checked this one against another calendar for the years 2000-2020.  I suspect, from this, that it would be good to the extent of Excel’s date math, at least for several centuries before and after the present.  I posted the spreadsheet for public use in the same locations as my Million-Day Gregorian-Julian Calendar:  on, for a PDF version, and at primary and alternate locations for the Excel version.

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