Adobe Acrobat 9: Remove “Paste a Copied Image as a Stamp” Icon from Toolbar

I was using Acrobat 9.  I had previously gone into Tools > Customize Toolbars, where I selected a couple of items from the Commenting & Markup Toolbar.  Now I right-clicked on the toolbar icon for one of those items and selected Show All Commenting Tools.  This gave me eight or nine different toolbar icons.  One of those icons was for the “Paste a copied image as a stamp” tool.  I knew that was the name of the tool because that’s what I read when I moused over its icon, there on the toolbar, and allowed its tooltip to come up.


One time, when I went through those steps, I got a red version of that icon.  Another time, I got a grayed version.  I was not sure where it came from.  I mean, when I went into Tools > Customize Toolbars and looked at the Comment & Markup Toolbar, there was not actually an entry there for that “Paste a copied image as a stamp” tool.  Yet that’s where it had come from; it had only been added to my toolbar when I selected Show All Commenting Tools, and there did not seem to be any such tool option on any other toolbar.

Since I could not find any Customize Toolbars entry for that “Paste a copied image as a stamp” tool, I could not remove it.  Now that it had arrived in my toolbar, it just stayed there.  If I unselected every tool from the Commenting & Markup Toolbar, that Paste icon would be removed along with the others; but as soon as I re-selected anything from the Commenting & Markup Toolbar, that Paste icon would be back again.

A search revealed that I was almost the only person on Earth who had ever had this problem.  That is, the search led to an item I had posted on an Adobe forum three years earlier, asking about it, and there were still no solutions posted there — no items at all, except a “me too” message from some poor sod.  I knew that, somehow, I had fixed it, but I didn’t remember how, and now it was back.

I tried closing and reopening Acrobat.  That didn’t fix it.  I tried Help > Repair Acrobat Installation.  That repair process took maybe 15-20 minutes, and ultimately required a reboot.  After the system rebooted, the icon was gone.  So that was a fix.  But then I got it back when I started tinkering with toolbars in order to remind me what to write in this post.  All I could do, at this point, was to redo the Help > Repair approach again.  But this time around, it didn’t remove the Paste icon.  Now it was just greyed.  Hadn’t it worked before?  That’s what I had in my notes, but now I was not sure.  Why wouldn’t it work this time?  Last time around, I had done a complete shutdown with at least 30 seconds of having the machine turned off; this time, I had just rebooted.  Was this icon an artifact in RAM?  The answer would have to await further tinkering.

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