Disk Management: Unable to Start or Connect to Virtual Disk Service

I had a problem with Disk Management. I was using Windows 7, but apparently a similar problem could arise in Windows 8. This post identifies a few possible solutions.

First: to get into Disk Management, I went to Start > Run and typed “diskmgmt.msc.” (Depending on the system’s setup, I could also have searched for Disk Management, or I could have found my way there through Computer Management. Tim Fisher provides more information on how to get there.)

This time, unfortunately, Disk Management did not run. Instead, I got an error message:

Disk Management could not start Virtual Disk Service (VDS) on ACER [i.e., the name I had given to my computer]. This can happen if the remote computer does not support VDS, or if a connection cannot be established because it was blocked by Windows Firewall.

For additional information about diagnosing and correcting this problem, see Troubleshooting Disk Management in Disk Management Help.

I also saw that the information bar at the bottom of the Disk Management window said, “Unable to connect to Virtual Disk Service.”

These messages assumed that I was trying to connect or do something involving a remote computer. I wasn’t. I was just trying to start Disk Management to manage the drives on the computer I was using. Moreover, the suggestion to look at Disk Management Help didn’t pan out: when I searched that Help for “unable to connect,” I got “No topics found.” A search for “could not start” yielded two topics, but they were not relevant.

A Google search led to various suggestions in addition to those offered in the error message (above). One discussion asked whether the system was running Windows in a virtual machine, and then suggested checking the event logs or making sure Virtual Disk was enabled in Services.

The latter was my solution. To get into Services, I ran services.msc. I did that by going to Start > Run > services.msc, but I could also have typed “services.msc” at any command prompt, or double-clicked on services.msc in the folder where it was installed. On my machine, that was “C:\Windows\SysWOW64\en-US.” Note: I was running as Administrator; not sure if that would be essential.

In Services, I went down to Virtual Disk. I saw it was set to Disabled. I right-clicked on it and chose Properties > General tab > Startup type > Automatic > OK. That was the solution: now Disk Management ran normally.

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6 Responses to Disk Management: Unable to Start or Connect to Virtual Disk Service

  1. Alan Neal says:

    Exact same problem as I have (or had) on a Packard Bell iMedia desktop, had same problems as you with internet forums and the like. This simple solution of yours fixed it, Thanks loads.

  2. Thanh says:

    oh,very thanks !

  3. Gary Davidson says:

    had the same problem on an Asus windows 10, 64 bit PC, but the solution offered above did not fix it, in services it was activated as it should have been, but disc services still un-operational, even after reboots – final fix was restore system from backup – apparently some OS corruption was my issue…

  4. Tony says:

    I experienced the same thing. After following the directions of the OP, I was able to access the Disk
    Management services.

  5. sam says:

    thanks so much

  6. Sarath says:

    I Have Problem in Disc Management when open it show Unable to connect Virtual Disc.What i do for it

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