Some Preferred Firefox Add-ons and Their Settings

Like most Firefox users, I had a set of add-ons (a/k/a extensions) that I liked to use. There had also been some extensions that I had used in the past, but that had become superseded for various reasons. Some extensions were ready to use upon installation; others called for tweaking. This post offers a list of add-ons that I had found particularly useful, along with some of the settings that I preferred, and some additional comments. (The list had changed greatly in the past several years.) There are several things to note about this list:

  • At this time, I was using Firefox Portable 31.2.
  • Some add-ons were available only through their own homepages, not through the Mozilla add-ons site. In some cases, there may have been compatibility issues and other problems with add-ons not hosted by Mozilla.
  • In various versions of Firefox, and at various times, there may have been other add-ons that offered better functionality than some of the add-ons listed here. To find these alternatives, I would read the notes on the Mozilla add-on pages (below), and watch what comes up when typing the name of an add-on into the search box on the Mozilla add-on site.
  • A fast way of opening the Mozilla webpages describing these add-ons (and, optionally, of installing them) would be to begin with the Multi Links add-on. With Multi Links installed, drawing a box with the right mouse button should prepare all of the following links to open at once. (Draw that box along the left margin, to include links only for the titles.)
  • In most cases, it would be duplicative to use the separate homepage links shown below. The homepage link would nonetheless be useful for some purposes. See the further discussion under the follow-on list of XPIs and Nearly Dead Extensions (below).

General List of Add-ons

Adblock Plus 2.6.6 (homepage)
Addon List Dumper
Close other tabs 2.8 (homepage)
Close Repeated Tabs 1.0 (homepage)
Copy As Plain Text 1.0.9 (homepage)
CopyURLs 1.0.1
DownThemAll! 2.0.17 (homepage)
Duplicate This Tab 1.3
EPUBReader (homepage)
Feedly 16.0.528 (homepage)
Flashblock 1.5.17 (homepage)
Forecast Plus 0.1.2 (homepage)
Ghostery 5.4.1 (homepage)
IdentFavIcon (homepage)
LastPass 3.1.1 (homepage)
Linkification 1.3.8 (homepage)
List Open URLs 1.0 (homepage)
Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant
Multi Links (homepage)
QuietUrl (homepage)
Session Manager (homepage)
Snap Links Plus 2.4.0
Space Next 0.34
Tab Mix Plus (homepage)
The Addon Bar (Restored) 3.2
TinyURL Generator 2.6.1 (homepage)
Toolbar Buttons 1.0 (homepage)
Twitter Disconnect 2.1.2 (homepage)
Unsocialize: The Link Unsocializer 1.2.4 (homepage)
Xmarks 4.3.3 (homepage)

Note that I toggled The Addon Bar (Restored) on and off, as needed, to show me icons on the bottom bar. This was useful, for example, to move the Forecastfox icons to the top bar.

In addition to the foregoing, for some purposes I had found and/or tried more than one add-on. Here, I have listed several alternatives. It might not be necessary to use more than one or two add-ons within each of the following categories.

Price Comparison Add-ons

PriceBlink 4.1 (homepage)
The Camelizer – Price Tracker 2.4.9 (homepage)
Invisible Hand

Screenshot Add-ons

Abduction! 3.5.0
Lightshot (screenshot tool) 4.6.7
Nimbus Screen Capture
FireShot 0.98.59 (homepage)
Awesome screenshot: Capture and Annotate 2.4.4 (homepage)
Screenshoter Fixed 1.10

YouTube Downloaders

1-Click YouTube Video Downloader 2.3.7 (homepage)
Download YouTube Videos as MP4 1.7.29 (homepage)
Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express 7.36 (homepage)
Freemake Video Downloader Plugin 1.0.0 (homepage)
Freemake Youtube Download Button 1.0.0 (homepage)
Flash Video Downloader
Video DownloadHelper

YouTube Experience Managers

SmartVideo for YouTube
YouTube quality manager 1.2 (homepage)
YouTube Enhancer Plus 3.3.4


Brushed Metal – Vista
Blue Flow

I also used Google Hit Hider by Domain to add an option of blocking certain websites from Google search results. That add-on required Greasemonkey 1.15 (homepage). I think I had also tried cliget in connection with Wget for one approach to backing up a website.

XPIs and Nearly Dead Extensions

Many old extensions became incompatible with newer versions of Firefox. The Mozilla add-ons page would indicate incompatibility by greying out the “Add to Firefox” button (so that the add-on could not be installed) and adding a remark like “Not available for Firefox 31.0.” If the extension was already installed, but was incompatible with a newer version of Firefox, it would appear at the bottom of the list of installed extensions (Firefox > Tools > Add-ons) with an indication of incompatibility.

But sometimes  it was possible to make an officially dead extension live again. The following points offer a few examples. Note the advisability of backing up the C drive (if Firefox was installed) or making a copy or a zip of portable Firefox (wherever that portable version had been located) before proceeding with these experimental techniques.

This list also includes XPIs that, at this writing, were not dead. They are here because the following introduction to XPIs may be helpful in understanding them.

  • Infolister. Not available for Firefox 31.0. A relatively recent review on the Mozilla page suggested Extension List Dumper as an alternative, but now ELD was itself outdated. A review led to a separate discussion offering updated versions of both. For my purposes, Addon List Dumper (above) was adequate. But if I had wanted to try installing one of these unofficial updates, the discussion provided links for downloading XPI or JAR files that the user could install via Firefox > Tools > Add-ons > click on the gear icon at the top > Install Add-on From File.
  • Forecastfox Weather 2.2.2. Not available for Firefox 31.0. The homepage provided on that Firefox add-on page offers a Support link leading to a Google Groups discussion in which users considered several alternatives and workarounds. One such option recommended by several commenters: ForecastFox 2.2.4. I found an XPI copy on the apparently reputable (i.e., virus-free) website. The list of add-ons in my copy of Firefox Portable 31.2 (i.e., Tools > Add-ons) accepted it, and it seemed to work, with a few missing features.
  • Previously, I had updated my installed version of Firefox from a prior installation in which Forecastfox 2.2.2 was installed. In that case, Forecastfox was grayed out and moved to the bottom of the Firefox Add-ons list. I was able to restore it to use, without apparent problems, by using the Disable Add-on Compatibility Checks add-on to override Firefox’s objections. That approach did not work for some other outdated add-ons.
  • Bargain Book Mole. Straightforward XPI.


Many add-ons had no options to set; in others, the default settings were fine with me. A few, like Tab Mix Plus, allowed me to export and import all settings at once, in the form of saved settings text files.

Here, for posterity, I offer screenshots of the settings I used in three of the foregoing extensions: Session Manager, Tab Mix Plus, and Google Hit Hider.

***** Session Manager Settings *****

Clipboard03 Clipboard04 Clipboard05 Clipboard06 Clipboard07 Clipboard08

***** Tab Mix Plus Settings *****

Clipboard09 Clipboard10 Clipboard11 Clipboard12 Clipboard13 Clipboard14 Clipboard15 Clipboard16 Clipboard17 Clipboard18 Clipboard19 Clipboard20 Clipboard21 Clipboard22 Clipboard23 Clipboard24 Clipboard25 Clipboard26 Clipboard27 Clipboard28

***** Google Hit Hider Settings *****


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One Response to Some Preferred Firefox Add-ons and Their Settings

  1. Ray Woodcock says:

    A year later, the list of preferred add-ons had not changed much. Many had been updated. I was no longer using DownThemAll, Feedly, or Multi Links. There were several additions to the list, some in the process of being tested. These included Download YouTube Videos as MP4, Flagfox, Flash Video Downloader, Greasemonkey (so as to run a script that would make WordPress behave as desired), Hide Unwanted Results of Google Search, HTTPS-Everywhere, Screenshoter Fixed, Web of Trust (WOT), and YouTube Video Quality Manager.

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